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 +Enrico Di Lorenzo, Krzysztof Izdebski, Yuling Yan (Italy, USA)
 +**What we have learned about Heavy-Metal production form HSDP**
 +Heavy Metal Growl vocal quality production was investigated using High Speed Digital Imaging synchronized with acoustic signals. Data acquired, were submitted to a visual and quantitative analysis based on Nyquist-plot technology and kymography. Results showed that Growl phonation is produced by supraglottic vibrations with the true vocal fold edges touching only occasionally and with the glottis staying open during most of the Growl production time. Results also showed simultaneous multi-periodic complex vibrations of the many of the supraglottic structures (false vocal folds, arytenoid mucosal caps and aryepiglottic folds). The results revealed that the synchronized absence of the glottic closure with the vibratory action of the supraglottis prevents injuring the mucosa of the true vocal folds.
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