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 Allan Vurma, Kristel Kalling (Estonia) Allan Vurma, Kristel Kalling (Estonia)
-The voice problems of vocalists and the situations behind: A pilot study.+**The voice problems of vocalists and the situations behind: A pilot study** 
 +The aim of present research is to describe voice problems of vocalists, seeking for medical help and to describe the typical situations related to voice load which are causing these problems. We examined 77 vocalists (49 female, 17 male and 11 children) who visited the ENT department of East-Tallinn Central Hospital during one year due to voice complaints. The selection criteria were; (1) professional singer, (2) professional singing instructor or choir conductor, (3) regular singing in some amateur choir or as an amateur soloist. The following procedures were conducted: (1) larynx endoscopy, (2) the measurements of acoustical parameters of the voice – jitter, shimmer, HNR, SPL, the level of the singers formant, H1-H2, and some others (a) from a single vocalized note, (b) from a spoken excerpt and © from a sung excerpt, (3) the measurement of the closed quotient and related statistical parameters from EGG signal, and 4) the determination of the VRP and related statistical parameters. In addition all patients were interviewed about the situation which may have caused their vocal problems. On the background of the voice problems of professional singers was often the need to accomplish some vocal task which did not fit well with the type of their voice or with the training which they had. Voice problems of singing instructors and conductors had lasted the longest before they decided to seek for medical help. The problems of amateurs were most often related with the insufficient vocal training and with one-time overload. Also the results of the acoustic, EGG and endoscopic investigations were addressed separately by the groups of patients and the cross-correlations between the measured parameters were calculated. 
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