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 +Ewelina Sielska-Badurek, Ewa Osuch-Wójcikiewicz (Poland)
 +**The value of the flexible fiber-optic endoscopic visualization in the examination of the different singing styles**
 +The aim of this study was to compare the activities of the vocal tract and voice quality in various vocal techniques. To do so, we assessed comprehensively 95 singers and from this group we selected seven vocalists who actively performed in at least two styles of singing. In these seven singers we evaluated pharyngeal and laryngeal activities using flexible endoscopy (Karl Storz 11101 RP2 Rhino-Pharyngo-Laryngo-fiberscope of 3.5 mm. outer diameter and Xion EV-NE ERGO Nasopharyngoscope with 4.0 mm. outer diameter) and acoustically corresponding voice qualities. We also used palpation to assess abdominal, chest and neck movements and tensions. Each singer used at least two singing techniques and each vocal technique was performed by at least two vocalists. Vocal techniques studied were: classical singing, belting, jazz and rock. Endoscopic examination showed that the different voice styles and voice qualities were associated with differences in the movements of the pharyngeal walls, the base of the tongue, in the laryngeal position, in the shape of the laryngeal vestibule, in the glottis closure and in the volume of piriform sinuses which corresponded to the color of the sound, mixing of registers, to the vibrato rate and to respiratory ornamentation. Palpation showed differences in breathing patterns, larynx position and vocal tract’s movements and tension.
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