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 +Ronald R. Ward (USA)
 +**Technology to examine sensory loss of the larynx**
 +Presentation of current equipment available for testing superior laryngeal nerve (SLN) sensory sensitivity. FEEST.  Testing involves an air-pulse generator which can be used in either pulse or continuous mode. The air pulse pressure can be varied between 1.0 mm Hg and 10.0 mm Hg. The procedure is visualized via an fiberoptic endoscope and is monitored by a digital processing unit (DPU).  Recording can be made for documentation and playback. This procedure is useful in determining only the sensory integrity of the superior laryngeal nerves (SLN). Both of right and left supraglottic areas are tested as sensory status may vary from side-to-side. Indications for the procedure include suspected CNS, PNS, viral, systemic, reflux, post-RT or traumatic causation. This is the only current testing method available for measuring SLN sensory integrity. It is useful as a diagnostic procedure, for treatment/management planning and as prognostic tool. Recurrent testing can be performed serially at set time intervals to monitor SLN sensory status over a prolonged time period. The only potential drawback may be patient intolerance as the procedure can be performed with topical airway anesthesia which would invalidate the results.
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