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 +Joanna Ćwiklińska, Agnieszka Pankowska, Anna Geremek-Samsonowicz, Henryk Skarżyński, Karolina Samsonowicz (Poland)
 +**Sound perception changes in patients with partial deafness after cochlear implantation**
 +Within a group of partially deafened adult patients there is a group whose impairment and problems with speech perception and understanding were diagnosed after the 7 year of age. Despite the fact that they use speaking language they experience significant difficulties in speech perception and communication. After the cochlear implantation (CI) and system activation they can perceive sounds from the whole frequency band. Properly organized hearing training helps them to combine acoustic and electric sensations. The acquired skills should be supervised and presented to patients. Material includes 24 adults with partial deafness (PD). They use cochlear implants. 6 patients have been using the CI for no more than 6 months. 12 subjects have been using the CI for more than 6 months, 3 of them have been using the CI for more than a year and 3 people have been using the CI for more than 24 months. To monitor and provide assessment of effects a battery of tests was modified, prepared and used. The obtained results were used to organize a graphic illustration of individual „profile of patient’s hearing skills”. Research was based on 18 tasks. In the 8 of them 24 patients obtained the result of 100% identification just one month after the first speech processor fitting. Significant changes, however were observed in the remaining 10 tasks. 3 complete profiles of patients hearing skills were created. Results obtained by the patients confirm that the set of supervision materials designed to control effects of rehabilitation and proposed as pilot study is valuable and can be used in diagnostics. Formula developed on the basis of auditory skill profile provides clear information on patient’s progress. It helps to determine exercises for the next stages of rehabilitation.
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