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 +Bożena Wiskirska-Woźnica, Świdziński P., Malaczyńska B. (Poland).
 +**Research methodology of laryngeal pitch - clinical aspects**
 +Purpose : Methodology of acoustic pitch is based on the evaluation of measurable physical characteristics of the voice. These are the characteristics of changes in frequency, amplitude, signal to noise ratio, and many others. It is vital to proper selection of verbal material. The most important, however, is the technique of registration. 
 +Method : The study compared the results of acoustic voice analysis in control group with normal voice (30 persons) and in dysphonic patients with voice disorders due changes on the vocal folds(52 persons). Registration has been made of dual-channel: by microphone and laryngophone.
 +Results : The objective assessment of the physical characteristics of the voice using the  MDVProgram obtained 17 parameters. There are statistically significant differences in their assessment of the registration by the microphone and laryngophone. In clinical practice, without the possibility of use of premises suited to studio recordings of voice, not all parameters are possible for objective assessment. Parameters such as Jitt, shim, Fo, SD Fo, preferably analyzed using a microphone, but NHR, ATRI, FTRI using laryngophone.
 +Key words : laryngeal pitch, microphone registration, laryngophone registration, MDVP
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