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 +Sebastian Dippold, Christoph Becker, Wolfgang Maier, Bernhard Richter, Matthias Echternach (Germany)
 +**NBI a tool for a better visualization of laryngeal papillomatosis**
 +Laryngeal papillomatosis is a benign affection of the larynx caused by the human papilloma virus and often leads to dysphonia and respiratory limitations. Because there is no curative therapy available much importance is attached to an early identification of new lesions followed by a functional resection of the findings in an early stage. In the last years beside the regular white light examination of the larynx new diagnostic methods such as Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) were introduced to detect epithelial lesions such as carcinoma or benign lesions. Using special wavelengths of 415 nm and 540 nm, NBI is supposed to detect epithelial lesions such as papillomatosis better than the common white light. In this study patients with a known diagnosis of human papilloma virus of the larynx are examined first with normal white light endoscopy followed by endoscopy with NBI. The number of lesions seen with both examination methods was quoted and plot into a scheme. Microlaryngoscopy was performed and all lesions were removed for histopathologic examination. Results showed a better detection of papillomatosis using the combination of both white light and NBI.
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