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 +Łukasz Potępa (1), Joanna Szaleniec (2), Wiesław Wszołek (1), Andrzej Steczko (2), Jacek Składzień (2)
 +**Impact of tonsillectomy on selected speech parameters**
 +(1) AGH - University of Science and Technology, Mickiewicza 30, PL-30-059 Krakow;\\
 +(2) - Otolaryngological Clinic, Collegium Medicum UJ, Śniadeckich 2, PL-31-531 Krakow
 +Tonsillectomy is the laryngological operation, which involves changes within articulatory structures of the vocal tract. Although these changes are not very big in dimension, they can cause significant voice changes. As these changes can be important to some patients (e.g. actors or singers), they should be informed about such possible side effects during the medical interview with the laryngology surgeon, before the decision concerning tonsillectomy will be made. Therefore the research into voice properties following tonsillectomy was necessary – and such a research was carried out by the authors of the presented paper. The recordings were made before the surgery and around 6 weeks after the treatment. 20 patients (12 male and 8 female) were examined this way. In registered acoustic material especially polish vowels: /a/, /e/, /i/ and /u/ were taken into account. After collecting acoustic material the parameter analysis was performed. During the analysis following parameters was taken into account: first four formants amplitude and frequencies values and 20 successive mel-frequency cepstral coefficients for 300-mel wide filters. The results of the research show which voice parameters change after tonsillectomy and how voice quality can be worsened after this type of surgery. Detailed results of the research mentioned above will be presented in a full paper.
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