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 +Mateusz Gasiński 1, Maciej Kłaczyński 2, Wiesław Wszołek 2, Maciej Modrzejewski 1 (Poland)
 +**Human voice analysis as first step in early diagnostics of laryngeal pathology**
 +1) 5th Military Hospital with Polyclinic in Cracow\\
 +2) AGH University of Science and Technology\\
 +Human voice contains information about pathology that is affecting the function of the voice organ. It is the first information which is brught and presented to the doctor by patient. The aim of this study was to present the voice analysis as an important and non-invasive utility that can be crucial in early determination of pathology in human vocal tract (and especially early stages of invasive diseases like planoepithelial cancer). Material and methods: The group of 120 patients with different kind of voice dissorders. Then voice sample of each person was recorded and analysed using MDVP (multidimnesional voice parametrisation) the next . Voice samples were divided into several groups depending on kind of pathology that was affirmed. The sentences for voice recordings were composed in way that allows to demonstrate pathology in a voice of patient using polish language. Results and conclusions: The research is still pending but first results are very promissing. They are showing that some of pathological states do have their characteristic features we can distinguish during voice analysis.
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