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 +Jerzy Wolf (Poland)
 +**How to create an emotional and/or altered voice quality. An acoustic comparison between habitual and altered voice of the same natural speaker**
 +Student paper
 +In this presentation different techniques of voice manipulation, used when applying for voice acting roles of various characters, will be introduced. First, the practical differences in vocal muscle usage between the normal production  of male and female voices will be discussed, along with tips on how to imitate someone of a different gender, based on author's experience.  It will provide a background for an easier explanation of varying the voice pitch and timbre while attempting to use other vocal techniques. In the next part the author will explain ways to imitate people of different age groups, nationalities and personality types, as well as creating new voices by slightly manipulating the way an individual produces the sound. The presentation will be concluded with a few practical hints on how one can practice these techniques without causing oneself any damage, be it permanent or temporary.
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