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 +Maciej Kłaczyński, Wiesław Wszołek (Poland)
 +**Electroacoustic methods of determining the parameters of speech sound generator**
 +AGH University of Science and Technology, Department of Mechanics and Vibroacoustics
 +The emitted speech signal is a source of useful diagnostic and prognostic infor-mation. Besides of the individual characteristics of a speaker, the speech signal carries semantic and emotional state information, and other kinds, enabling to determine speak-er’s ethnic origin, social status, education, and overall health. The speech signal can be-come, through selected parameters, an additional source of information on anatomic, physiological and pathological (deformation) conditions of human vocal tract. A number of authors’ research proves that maximum information on phonetic ac-tion can be assembled by delimitation the parameters of speech sound generator such as the fundamental frequency F0, short and long term frequency perturbations, short and long term amplitude perturbations, noise related, tremor, voice break and subharmonic. The literature demonstrates non numerous researches for polish speech have con-ducted simultaneous measurement of fundamental frequency by the EGG and with the acoustics methods. The present paper presents results of such research. In this paper had been carried out the analysis of the accuracy of algorithms (zero crossing measure, auto-correlation, higher-order spectra analysis, cepstral analysis) to determining the parameters of F0, Jitter, Shimmer.
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