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 +Marcin Just, Michal H. Tyc, (Poland)
 +**Computer analysis of vocal folds function with audio and video techniques**
 +DiagNova Technologies, Muchoborska 18, 54-424 Wroclaw, Poland (www.diagnova.eu)
 +Rapid development of information technologies allows introducing more and more advanced and perfect techniques into the diagnostics of vocal folds function. The tools which were available yesterday in big research centers only, today can be practically applied in typical clinical centers and even in points of care.
 +The phoniatric diagnostics cannot rely just on one method, as every method has its weaknesses which, when taken separately, may lead to incomplete diagnoses. It is advantageous to combine acoustic analysis and video imaging techniques, and use them together. This problem is the subject of our team’s research and development activities, as well as our implementations.
 +In this presentation we will introduce the main problems we were working on, and the solutions we have developed. These include: special kinds of spectrograms which underscore the human voice features analyzed in given examination; voice parameterization corresponding to particular phrase; voice recording methodology leading to a reliable diagnosis; analysis techniques of vocal folds slow motion video records which allow extracting maximally detailed and objective information about possible disorders, as videostroboscopic image stabilization, kymographic analysis, parameterization of vocal folds motion.
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