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 +Ewelina Sielska-Badurek (Poland)
 +**Comparison of costs versus analysis of videostroboscopy systems**
 +Laryngeal videostroboscopy is the gold standard for the evaluation of vocal fold structure and motion. Stroboscopic examination should be performed in each patient with voice disorders. In the presentation will be compared 3 different videostroboscopy systems produced by STORZ, XION and KayPENTAX Companies. A complete range of accessories in each unit enables directly to use it in ENT or Phoniatrics Departments and Ambulatories. The units include: stroboscopy system, camera, light source, rigid endoscope, flexible nasopharyngoscope or nasofiberoscope, medical monitor, computer system with software for archivisation, trolley for endoscopy system, the set of quivers, inductive mirror preheater (Storz and Xion) and footswitch. Each company offers individual solutions in their systems. The XION rigid video laryngoscope integrates optics, camera chip (with high resolution CCD sensor located at the distal end) and microphone in one instrument, which can be optimally handled. All operating elements for focusing and recording can be operated with a thumb thanks to a button integrated with the laryngoscope’s proximal end. The laryngoscope is connected to the unit by just one single cable. The KARL STORZ offers TELE PACK X LED, an all-in-one system. It can be used for a wide range of applications from the doctor’s office through to the operating room. The KayPENTAX offers two light sources: halogen (constant) and xenon (strobe), while Storz and Xion offer LED Light Sources. Each system can work with a wide range of compatible rigid and flexible endoscopes. The prices (on the 30.11.2013) for whole units varies from 138 773,00 to 276 700,00 PLN (XION), from 138 979,42 to 192 664,62 PLN (STORZ) and from 282 960 to 507 600 PLN (KayPENTAX).
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