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 +Elżbieta Włodarczyk, Agata Szkiełkowska, Henryk Skarżyński (Poland)
 +**Central auditory processing disorders and specific language impairments**
 +The aim of this study was the assessment of the incidence of disorders of the central auditory processing in children with the specific language impairment. The material included 100 children at the early school age that reported to the Audiology and Phoniatrics Clinic with disorders of language development. All children underwent laryngological and phoniatrical examination, including pure tone audiometry and impedance audiometry as well as the evaluation by speech therapist and psychologist. Special questionnaire for parents, providing for the particular criteria of SLI, had been elaborated. Additionally, the electrophysiological tests (N1, P1, N2, P2, P300 waves’ records) and psychoacoustic tests of central auditory functions: assessment of the sequence of tones of varying frequency and duration (FPT, DPT,DDT, CST) had been conducted. Analysis of results has shown the occurrence of disorders in the process of sound analysis in terms of time and frequency and elongation of the P300 wave latency in children with SLI. In children with the specific language impairment have been observed the coexisting dysfunctions of the central auditory processing that may have a significant influence on process of language development of a child during the physiological period of the communication process development.
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