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 +Ekaterina V. Osipenko et al. (Russia)
 +**Biofeedback game in the treatment of patients with voice disorders**
 +Ekaterina V. Osipenko, к.м.н., associate Professor
 +The Secretary General of the European Academy of phoniatrics
 +Head of phoniatrics with the laboratory of singing and stage voice fsbi Research and clinical centre of pediatric otorhinolaryngology FMBA of Russia»
 +The Secretary of the Board of the Russian society of otorhinolaryngologists
 +Section coordinator of phoniatrics Russian society of otorhinolaryngologists
 +Official representative of the Russian Federation in the Union of European Phoniatrics
 +I will summarize the main aspects of the use of the computer system of the game biocontrol (developed and produced by the Scientific research Institute of molecular biology and Biophysics in Novosibirsk branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences) for the correction of anxiety, stress prevention training, improving quality of life, from professional voice users suffering of vegetative dysfunction.
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