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 +Ronald R. Ward, Krzysztof Izdebski (USA)
 +**Advantages of using EMG technology in the treatment of voice and speech problems**
 +Presentation of voice disorders which benefit from the use of laryngeal electromyography (LEMG) in terms of in terms of diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring of treatment and outcomes. This technology uses an EMG machine and monopolar sensing electrodes in clinical settings to assess the activity and integrity of muscle-specific neuromuscular function, i.e. targeted laryngeal muscles can be monitored. Objective data can be saved and compared in cases necessitating serial testing. LEMG is the only  scientific technology available to reliably guide laryngeal botox injections. Indications for use include: laryngeal movement disorders, cricoarytenoid joint fixation, spasmodic dysphonia, aphonia, suspected N-M junction disorders, aspiration, post-traumatic RLN/SLN dysfunction, myopathies, CNS disorders, systemic disease. post-RT, post-viral injury and forensic documentation. Advantages include: relatively low level invasiveness for data collection which is useful in patient case management, relatively low cost and generally good patient cooperation. Only disadvantages are: 1) patient may not be able to tolerate needle insertions inspite of small caliber and use of subdermal anesthesia and 2) variable amount time needed to obtain proper needle placement and verification.
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