The AGH Signal Processing Group specialises in speech technologies, wavelet theory and signal compression. Another fields of our interests are natural language processing, soundtracing for computer games, DSP for telecommunication networks, devices and services, software for microprocessor systems used in the telecommunications, hardware image processing acceleration with the use of reconfigurable FPGA systems and medical image processing. The group consists of 7 academic staff members, 11 PhD students and several Master students.

06-09-2014 Disscusion about RAYA in Quake'u on Reddit

02-09-2014Press Release about RAYA Feel free to use this text on your website and publications.

01-09-2014Italian portal Gamemag about RAYA about RAYA

31-08-2014Czech portal about RAYA

31-08-2014 RAYA on Slashdot

31-08-2014 Disscussion about RAYA in Quake'u on Reddit

30-08-2014 Film presenting soundtracer RAYA in Quake:

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